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A tale of two businesses approached the maître d’ and followed him into an elevator up to the 9th floor. After rolling down a long hallway for less than a minute, the host slid open a fragile, clay white paper shōji inspired door, revealing a chic and shimmering tree branch chandelier hung from the high ceiling of a clean and elegant eating area. Several other groups could be overheard through the paper thin walls, gleaming with excitement, eagerly awaiting to get their teeth knocked out. The inside of Jhiana and Blad’s mostly paper booth was equipped with a wooden table, a power supply, a Replicator, two benches, and two Strippers.

Well within wireless range, they dismounted from their Segways and sat down in front of the Strippers waiting for them on the table.

A Replicator was a machine that synthesized meals on demand. It was also capable of inverting its function, thus disposing of leftovers and storing the bulk material again. A replicator worked by rearranging subatomic particles to form molecules, then arranging those molecules to form food. For example, to create pork chop sandwiches the replicator would first form atoms of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and other chemical elements, then arrange them into amino acids, proteins, and cells, finally assembling the particles into a pork chop sandwich. A replicator could create any meal so long as the molecular data structure was on file.

A Stripper was a small, spherical, robotic dentistry unit that performed psychotropic root canal surgery by drilling and injecting drugs into the highly vascularized loose connective dental pulp of molars. A black silicon ball gag was strapped into the mouth behind the teeth, with leather straps going around the head to secure it in place. Once secured, diamond drill bits and syringes would jut out, drill, and inject in accordance to a Replicator’s sommelier program, pairing drugs that would best complement each particular food menu item. After the procedure completed, the ball gag was removed and the meal synthesized.

Plato’s Retreat was the authorized reseller for half a million high quality recipes, from avocado natto bowl to za’atar pomegranate tofu kebabs, every dish fantastic. On this day duck confit with salad was the menu du jour. Both agreed that the duck was a sublime choice and punched in their orders. The Strippers finished in no time at all and the meal was served.


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