1 Whale Hunting

Hand reaching outward, teeth perturbed, genitalia on his mind. Their shape, their smell, their feel. With instant access to billions of thoughts genitalia had a disproportionately high hit rate and low ROI in this user’s mindspace. If one were to review a 7-day slice of his bio-analytics data alone, eschewing his physical self, one could mistakenly extrapolate that this mindspace was anything but Monsato brass.

He was a pudgy, balding, bearded man of average height in his late 60s. His grey whiskers hid his acne scarred complexion. Dressed in a black suit with a green and yellow striped tie, he wore casual, black pleather shoes and was one sale away from earning his annual bonus.

“I’ll try anything once except anal,” Hegelian dialectics, Atlas Shrugged, Patrick Stewart as Vladimir Lenin in BBC’s The Fall of the Eagles (1974), and a thousand other references made up the bulk of his curated sales pitch; the product placement a mere outlier. It was an unconventional slide deck but he knew it would work. He was an exceptional discourser and he had a killer instinct for recipe sales. Once the mindspace link was initiated the deal was as good as sealed, or so he said to himself.

Blad’s favourite venue to do business was a strip shop on the western outskirts of the city. Perched over the concrete beach almost touching the force field dividing the evening skyline and the sea, Plato’s Retreat had the best buffet spread and the fastest Strippers in New Toronto. If you went to the top of this 500 floor structure and looked across the ocean you could see the skyglow made by Nebraska, the largest island in the world. The City Of Nebraska was 50 times bigger than the island of New Toronto, and at 2000 KM away it was also New Toronto’s nearest neighbour.

Today was not the day to be looking out windows dreaming of big city vacations however. Today CEO Blad Terren was there to butter up and make a deal with Senator Jhiana Voltrand; a big fish at Google who ran a daisy chain of five star repositories; storage databases from which Replicators could retrieve and install a set of instructions that described how to prepare a culinary dish. She and Blad stood in the lobby waiting for their booth.


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